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Here's some more insight on the procedure:


HI! My name is Justine Darcenne, CEO of  JD Smiles. I've been doing cosmetic Teeth whitening Since the beginning of 2020. I enjoy educating my clients on how to maintain a healthy white smile without spending thousands of dollars on dental teeth whitening, which can most times be painful. As a female black owned business, my goal is to maintain the title of "Brooklyn's Best Teeth Whitening +Teeth Gem services".

We use an organic teeth whitening gel that is activated by a cool LED blue light so that there’s no damage to the teeth. The light aids in the brightness, the gel does the actual whitening. We don’t use any bleach, trays or strips and your gums + lips are protected by coconut oil or Vitamin E.

The procedure time varies by selected service. Our whitening gel is FDA certified, Organic, Vegan and non invasive. Clients can whiten 4-5 times a year.

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