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About us

About us


Innovative Approach to Treatment

Welcome to JD Smiles, where we are committed to providing you with a brighter, healthier smile. I am Justine Darcenne, the CEO of JD Smiles, and I have been dedicated to cosmetic teeth whitening since the inception of our company in 2021. 

I enjoy educating my clients on how to maintain a healthy white smile without spending thousands of dollars on dental teeth whitening, which can most times be painful. As a female black owned business, my goal is to maintain the title of "New York and Atlanta’s Best Teeth Whitening + Teeth Gem Services

Our approach to teeth whitening is simple yet effective. We use a signature organic teeth whitening gel that is activated by a gentle LED blue light, ensuring a safe and radiant smile without the use of harsh chemicals. Unlike traditional methods that can be uncomfortable and inconvenient, we avoid the use of bleach, trays, or strips. We offer a wide range of gem options, including different sizes, colors, and designs, allowing clients to personalize their smile. This could range from subtle, classic designs to more bold and unique choices, catering to a diverse clientele.

We prioritize your oral health and safety at JD Smiles. During both the whitening and too gem application process, we take extra care to protect your gums and lips using gingival barrier and natural ingredients such as coconut oil or Vitamin E. We ensure all procedures are performed in a sterile environment by trained professionals to prevent any risk of infection or damage to the teeth.



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